Plastic Piranha & TwitchTV partner for PAX Prime 2012!

Aside from releasing a kick-ass FPS that speaks to those seeking a high risk, high reward, shooter; one of our goals as a studio is to help rejuvenate the FPS gaming community. While it has certainly been chugging along, we feel that the face of change hasn’t visited our corner of the gaming sector anywhere near enough over the last few years: particularly when you consider military-esque shooters. Obviously, releasing Rekoil is our largest contribution towards making this aspiration a reality. Not far behind that is the inclusion of mod tools, as well as our comprehensive support for competitive gaming and eSports. Those are the features that we have confirmed to date.

With Rekoil, not only do we want to be able to provide a great game, a robust toolset that allows anyone to modify it, and a comprehensive set of eSport features; we also want to demonstrate to the world precisely what a gaming community is capable of when given half a chance and the right kind of support.

As such, we are extremely pleased to announce that we will be partnering with TwitchTV at PAX 2012! Over the last couple of years, Twitch TV has been doing a terrific job of streaming a myriad of types of gaming related channels straight to gamers’ and non-gamers’(heretics!) homes all around the globe. Whether it be the finals of an eSports event at DreamHack, a world renowned modder or developer showing off their latest labor of love, or indeed hundreds of thousands of gaming enthusiasts simply having a good time sharing their adventures with their worldwide contemporaries; TwitchTV provides a service that few can even begin to claim to match. Not only that, but they’re committed to continually improving their service and growing smaller gaming groups, as well as the larger gaming community as a whole.

And so we are pleased to be able to team up with TwitchTV at PAX Prime 2012. The event takes place from the 31st of August through to the 2nd of September 2012. We’ll be on the show floor showing off Rekoil in TwitchTV’s booth for all of the attendees to see! In addition to being able to try out an early build of the game on the show floor and chat with the team, we will also be running a number of streamed events throughout the weekend. During these streams, we’ll be giving away goodies to those who tweet their comments and questions using the tag #RekoilatPAX. Make sure that you’re available during the following times!


Friday 31st of August

4:00PM PDT An Introduction to Rekoil
4:25PM PDT Announcement: Beta Banter
4:35PM PDT Community Q&A & Giveaway


Saturday 1st of September

4:00PM PDT Announcement: Feature Reveal
4:05PM PDT Live tournament featuring prizes sponsored by Razer & Rekoil swag
4:35PM PDT Devs Vs TwitchTV


Sunday 2nd of September

4:00PM PDT Announcement: Rekoil Feature Blowout!
4:05PM PDT Rekoil’s Mod Tools
4:15PM PDT Community Vs Dev Match


So, be sure to stop by TwitchTV’s booth* at PAX Prime 2012 to check out Rekoil, play the game, win some goodies and have a good time! For those of you elsewhere around the globe, we’ll be sure to get a stream online, details for which will be released shortly. You can always follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest tidbits and info.

Update: All of our PAX casts will take place at . Be sure to check them out!

Will you be at PAX? If so, you can find us at booth number 3446 on the 4th Floor. If not, make sure to check out the live streams, which slot are you most looking forward to?  Leave your answers in the comments below.

* You may well see us at other booths at PAX Prime too. 


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2012-08-29 13:14:32 - MrF1nch wrote:
Rekoil's modtools!!!! I think this is going to be a bit late one for me.
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Nice, we will follow this event from France. Check link (Saturday / Timeanddate) This is not the correct conversion C U Soon

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